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Otto Martin Fuchs

Otto Fuchs was born on May 13th 1978 in Mariazell, Styria /Austria. He discovered a deep passion for rock & roll while still in his early teens. At fourteen years old, he becomes the youngest writer for the German “Rock & Roll Music Magazine“.
From 2000-2004 he hosted “The Rocket 88 Show” for KRKT 99.1 FM Rock It Radio, Ventura, California. Numerous interviews with 1950s Rock & Roll Legends such as Billy Lee Riley, Marvin Rainwater, Gene Vincent Blue Cap Drummer Dickie “Be Bop“ Harrell, Bill Haley’s Comets members Marshall Lytle, Joey Welz and Bill Turner are led & recorded by Fuchs for this show ... During that period he also places various articles in the German “Dynamite – The World Of Rock & Roll“ magazine.

In 2005 he began to contribute reviews and interviews for German jive, swing & rockabilly magazine “Slam Bam“. Bob Timmers of the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame recruited him as columnist for the Tennessee-based Rockabilly Hall Of Fame. While Otto Fuchs continued to write in German for the “Stompin’ News” magazine, the column for the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame was the first medium requiring him to write in his second language, English. During a trip to his former home, London (where he lived from 1997-1999), Otto Fuchs met John Howard. Soon the two men come to the agreement that “UK Rock” (whose editor John Howard was, at that time) would publish his work as well. Otto Fuchs currently hosts the Internet Radio Program “Rockabilly Rules OK” on Rockabilly Radio ( and the “Rockin´ The Juke Joint Show” on from 2014 until 2020, when Rock It Radio ceased to operate. As February 9th 2011 marked the 30th year of the death of Bill Haley, his two Bill Haley books available now fully revised with Books On Demand, central purpose was to contribute to the continuation of Bill Haley’s legacy. 

Otto Fuchs signed in 2020 with Austin McCauley Publishers on a book about Elvis Presley, on which he currently writes and researches.


Otto`s two latest Bill Haley books: (1) the Books on Demand-released The Father Of Rock & Roll, The Rise of Bill Haley and Rock & Roll; (2) The Father of Rock & Roll, The Rock & Roll Revival Years and Bill Haley`s Legacy; are all now available on